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90 days to inner confidence and happiness,

using my 5 F-Factor Steps

Why is this programme important right now?

  • Too many professional women are feeling frustrated, lonely, isolated, afraid to reach out and that their problem is not big enough to share! This is not OK!

  • As we move towards re-entering the workplace there is heightened anxiety, depression, confusion and lower self-esteem

  • People have lost their confidence in themselves!

  • Recent months have given women space to reflect and consider how the wish to move forward. Having the confidence to make these changes requires support, connection and guidance

  • There is a huge increase of low confidence amongst the “30’s crises” life is storming ahead and now is the time to make a change

  • And of course, the “50 something professional women where there is desired or encouraged career change resulting in confusing and anxiety

9 modules are:

The Fabulous Fear programme at a glance

⭐️ 90 days to your true happy confident self

⭐️ 9 x focused, powerful, fun, challenging and inspiring 60 -90-minute virtual workshops

⭐️  3 x 60-minute optional drop in Q&A sessions

⭐️  Weekly Inspirations with Ingrid (through FaceBook or email)

⭐️  Downloadable PDF worksheets

⭐️  Small personal group

⭐️  24/7 FaceBook private support group (when I am not sleeping that is)

⭐️  Easy access to the programme through this website

⭐️  Sessions will be recorded and made available to view between workshops

⭐️  BONUS: 3 x personal 121 (60 minutes each) coaching sessions (included in THIS PILOT and will be an additional option for future programmes)

This is for you if, you are:

  • Feeling the impact of recent disruptions resulting in a downturn in confidence and self-esteem
  • Tired of feeling anxious, lonely, isolated, not supported and that constant self-doubt holding you back
  • Overlooked
  • Overwhelmed
  • Ready to make a change and be the women you are meant to be

What you get (the intangibles yet valuable)

Clarity about who you are and what you want personally and professionally

Direction of your future path

Confidence to be yourself and get what you deserve 

Your true self – rediscover the essence of who you really are

Self-esteem to believe and support yourself 


Visibility no longer overlooked

Opportunity for promotions and increased income

Tools and Techniques to use beyond the 90 day programme

What others have got from this programme 

Confidence to walk away

Complete change in life

Transformation and confidence to chase the dream

Proud to be themselves 

Inner strength


A new opportunity

The ability to keep themselves on track

When is the next programme going to roll out?


Early bird prices (£975) apply for the first 10 to register

The true value of the programme is over £4500

What’s the catch?

Your commitment and a testimonial at the end of the 90 days.

Please also remember that the 3 x 121 personal coaching will NOT be included in the standard price moving forward.

Contact me direct for a conversation to see if this is for you

or go ahead and book to ensure being one of the first 10 on the new programme!

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